The Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth is an important part of our core technology. With our app, we turn smartphones into powerful HMI solutions.


Emerge 3000

This motor-controller is made to fit the high-quality and demanding applications with powerful electric motors.

Thanks to a largely automated production, it is less expensive than you might think.

Over 2500 units sold and more 150.000km of documented on-road testing are showcasing the great reliability and performance.

Battery-Management System (BMS)

The battery-management unit provides excellent protection and advanced communication skills for high-end battery-packs with lithium cells.

Certified by CE, UN & UL allows for easy and quick evaluation in your custom battery project.

We offer the full range of service from manufacturing prototypes, to offering mechanical engineering, certification and the industrialized mass production.

we develop.

we manufacture.

we supply.

We've got the technology for electric drive-units of the future. With our products motor-controller, battery-management and smartphone app, we supply electric vehicle manufacturers throughout europe.

Following vehicles currently run on our technology:

* EMCO Elektroroller (models from 2014) (
* Feddz L1E (models from 2016) (
* Linergy GmbH ExpertLine Kits (
* Trefecta DRT / Urban (

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Motor-Control Education Kit

MEDKit and Target Link: A strong team for model-based design of motor-control software.

The Motor-control education kit (MEDKit) is a hardware platform for the development of motor-control software for brushless electric motors and is specifically designed for the educational purposes.

The powerstage of MEDKit is suitable for controlling electric bikes and scooters of up to 1000W. As such it is an ideal starting point for your own motor-controller development.

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