MEDKit and TargetLink: A strong team for model-based design of motor-control software.

The Motor-control education kit is a hardware platform for the development of motor-control software for brushless electric motors and is specifically designed for educational purposes.

The hardware of MEDKit is suitable for controlling electric bikes and scooters of up to 1000W. As such it is an ideal starting point for your own motor-controller development.

dSPACE TargetLink PiL-Interface

The USB-connection between MEDKit and dSPACE TargetLink on the host PC allows for seamless switching between different modes of simulation:‍‍‍

  • Model in the Loop Simulation (MiL): Floating-point simulation of Simulink model
  • Software in the Loop Simulation (SiL): Fixed-point simulation of the TargetLink model running within a c-code wrapper on your host PC
  • Processor in the Loop Simulation (PIL) Fixed-point simulation of the TargetLink model on the ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller

Rapid Controller Prototyping

A Simulink model that provides sinusoidal commutation with space-vector PWM and field-oriented control (FOC) enables you for rapid-prototyping of your own control algorithms.

A sample project with an ebik‍‍‍e control-software is already included to give a good start.

MEDKit is exclusively distributed by dSPACE GmbH.

Motor-Control Education Kit

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